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Most authors I know will listen to music at some point during the the writing process. Sometimes it’s just for background noise or to simply have a favorite tune playing, whether it’s something played off an iPod or a video on YouTube or Vimeo. Sometimes it’s something more specific to help as inspiration for writing an intense scene.

I listened to Queen’s classics ‘The Show Must Go On‘ and ‘Who Wants To Live Forever‘ played on repeat back when I was writing the big battle scene with Summer King in Taming The Wildcat. Both songs had so much emotion and fit perfectly for the desperation and absolute heartbreak she felt during the battle.

I’ve included ‘The Show Must Go On‘ in this post, though I chose the version that shows the lyrics, since they’re so powerful. I’ll post ‘Who Wants To Live Forever‘ in it’s own stand alone post.

No copyright infringement intended, both songs belong to their original writers/owners – Queen.

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