Bethany J. Barnes


Author | Photographer | Equestrian


A fiery-tempered stay at home mom by day, Bethany J. Barnes is really a superhero in disguise. Equally at home creating fantastical worlds and the men and women who inhabit them or driving armed across county to collect a hot male (her gorgeous horse, Tristan), she’ll happily wrestle rattlesnakes, rescue baby owls or perform strenuous casting tests for male leads in her stories. An active RPGer, B.J. (as she’s called by close friends and family) is equally happy writing hot paranormal or steamy sci-fi and is the mainstay of many online games. An accomplished photographer, B.J.’s specialties are scenic, portrait, concert, rodeo and equine photography. She’s dabbled in wedding photography, but has no patience for Bridezillas.


A self-described romance writing, photograph taking, horseback riding, book reading, movie watching, music listening lunatic, she dreads writing about herself and would rather write about hot, muscled heroes and heroines that are strong enough to stand up to them. Writing can happen at anytime of the day or night as time is irrelevant when a good story needs to be written. With her co-author and other friends living across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, it’s not unusual for her to skip sleep to stay up to write and chat online.

The hero horse himself - Tristan.

Born in Bethesda, Maryland on the east coast of the United States, she spent the first decade of her life learning how to ride horses, wandering the woods, catching turtles and snakes. Her family moved Tucson, Arizona just before her eleventh birthday. Thus began her lifelong love of the Sonoran Desert and all of its rugged beauty.

Some of the varied jobs she’s had include: running her mother’s dog boarding business at the early age of seventeen, video store clerk (fed her movie addiction), model, auto detailer, veterinary technician for a large and small animal clinic (horses, dogs, cats and even a few camels once!), rattlesnake wrangler (capture & relocation), horse trainer, riding instructor, horse transporter, executive assistant, personal/author assistant, photographer and author.

Now living on the outskirts of a small town near Boise, Idaho, she’s accomplished at least two of her lifelong dreams. The first one was to design and build her dream barn for her beloved horses, Devon, Tristan and Ransom. She and her husband continue to work on the finishing touches to the interior of the barn. The second dream was to become an author. Bethany lives with her husband, son, twin daughters, three cats, three horses and one dog.

Taming The Wildcat was her first book, co-authored with friend Mina Carter. It is the first book in the Sargosian Chronicles.