Taming The Wildcat

Taming The Wildcat

by Mina Carter & Bethany J. Barnes

Sargosian Chronicles – Book One


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Copyright © 2011 Mina Carter and Bethany J. Barnes (BJ Barnes)


Fresh out of a disciplinary that almost ruined her career and landed her in jail, Summer King is out for a much needed night on the town…or bar district in her local space station. It seems this King girl can’t stay out of trouble though, causing a bar brawl within minutes of her arrival.

Roz Taren is a mercenary, leader of the Wildcats, and a man who knows what he wants. Right now, that’s the pretty girl in the purple dress. Rescuing her from the unwanted attentions of a bunch of drunks lands her right in his bed for the hottest weekend he’s ever experienced.

Then she’s recalled and Roz discovers his little firebird is a fleet pilot aka insane crazy with a side of total fruitloop. Fleet pilots live fast, die young and leave legends behind. When he receives word her ship is lost with all hands, Roz must bury her along with his heart.

Only this firebird isn’t your garden variety. This bird is a Phoenix…one out to tame a Wildcat.


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Copyright © 2011 Mina Carter and Bethany J. Barnes (BJ Barnes)


Music blasted from the sound system so loudly she felt the bass beat vibrating along her skin. The place was packed, the dance floor heaving. She ignored them all as she made her way to the bar. There was only one thing Summer King was interested in—cutting loose and having a good time. Shooting a smile at the bartender, she ordered a drink.

“I don’t care what it is, just make it fruity and strong.” Spinning on the barstool, she did a quick sweep of the bar area and out on the dance floor. The tightly packed couples ground away at each other underneath the multicolored lights. Some barely suitable for polite company, only their clothes separating them from getting it on.

“Here you go, honey.”

She turned halfway as the barman handed the drink to her, his look just a little too interested for her taste.

“Thanks.” Sliding her fingers around the cold glass, she swung back around, effectively turning her back on him without coming off overly rude. Sipping her drink, she closed her eyes and let the music wrap around her. The beat infected her, the urge to dance enclosing around her and making her feet tap. She had to dance. Now.

Downing half her drink, she hopped from the stool, already moving with the beat. Smoothing her hands down the skirt of her slinky, purple dress, she wove through the crowd to the dance floor.

Normally, she didn’t bother dressing like this, especially after the trouble several months ago. She’d be damned if she’d let that mess ruin her life, though. Tonight wasn’t about the past. Tonight was about the here and now. About having fun.

Letting the music take hold of her, she let all her cares fall away under its hypnotic beat. She swayed, adding a sexy bump and grind with her hips. Since most of the dancers were paired off, she let her gaze move over the people sitting around the edges of the raised up dance area.

Men and women sat at small tables talking, or in various stages of inebriation. Looking at the men who sat alone, she tried to see if anyone seemed interesting enough to approach. Too old. Too desperate. Too…eeew…some people shouldn’t be let out of their cages.

“Ugh, that is just gross,” she muttered under her breath. At least that guy wasn’t looking at her while giving himself a good tug. Swinging with the music, she turned away and caught sight of the most beautiful man she’d ever seen.

Tall and blond, he had the lean, muscled build she liked on a guy. Dark eyes looked at her from beneath his slightly overlong bangs. He leaned forward on the table, arms folded in front of him, tattoos from knuckles to up under the t-shirt dark across his skin.

Tilting her head, she squinted as the lights caught her in the eye. When she could see clearly again, she sucked in a sharp breath. He looked her way. Dipping her knees, she did a subtle spin to see if there was anyone behind her he could be looking at.

Nope, he looked right at her.

Giving him an inviting smile, she let her moves become more sensual. She wanted to lose herself tonight. Cut loose and be someone else for a few hours. A delicious shiver ran through her as he stood and moved in her direction. Frustration kicked in when he moved to a table closer to the dance floor and no farther, his gaze still locked on her.

Great, he was going to make her work for it.

Her pulse sped up as she stared at him. His blond hair curled slightly in the humidity. All she wanted to do was plunge her fingers into the silky locks. She let her gaze slide over him. That wasn’t all she wanted to touch.

She almost lost her composure when she read the words on his tight fitting t-shirt. “Wildcats do it better” was plastered across a wide, well-muscled chest. The darkness of the bar concealed the rest of his body, but she’d seen enough. Her body hummed with awareness, and desire raced through her veins.

Moving closer to where he was, she beckoned. He folded his arms, a sexy, crooked smile on his handsome face. She narrowed her eyes. She practically threw herself at him, using the sexiest moves she could think of, but he didn’t budge. He sat motionless, apart from the dark-eyed gaze that followed every move she made. Fuck it.

Not about to start stripping for him on the spot, she took a deep breath and headed over. She didn’t normally go for the bold approach, but she had to know if he was interested, or just liked watching. Only one way to find out.

Walking off the dance floor, she swayed as she walked, weaving her way between the tables. Less than twenty feet away from him, someone threw a wrench into her plans and her mood.

A hard hand grabbed her ass as she passed a table. She came to a stop—body stiff with anger she turned to look at the guy. A crowd of men laughed around the table and eyed her lewdly.

“Hey baby, you come here—”

She didn’t give him a chance to finish his lame line. She launched herself at him with some very well-placed punches. No one touched her like that and got away with it.

She managed to land the first couple of blows before the shit hit the fan. Within seconds, she was surrounded by a group of angry men, one rolling his sleeves up.

“You little bitch…You’ll pay for that!” The guy she’d pounded on snarled, pulling a fist back. With his height and mass, the hit was going to hurt.

Summer flinched as he moved, but the punch didn’t land. One second a heavy fist headed toward her—and the next—broad shoulders blocked her view. There was a meaty smack and silence.


The sex is oh, so hot and there is a lot of it in this book. Ms. Carter and Ms. Barnes write very descriptively and erotically. They are also excellent crafters of character and plot.

I enjoyed Taming the Wildcat by Mina Carter & Bethany J. Barnes and recommend it to anyone who enjoys sci-fi, erotic romance, humor, a strong woman who is able to stand up for herself, alpha males, and dangerous situations.

Maggie B ~ Dark Divas Reviews ~ Rated 5 Delightful Divas